Metroid Prime (2002) Download – Full Version PC Game

Metroid Prime Array
Metroid Prime (2002) Download – Full Version PC Game

Right place to find Metroid Prime full PC game. This Action, Adventure, Horror game is the gamer’s best choice now a days. After the Game Launch on 18 Nov 2002, The Publishers instantly allowed users to make purchases and it got many sales too.

Metroid Prime Array

Metroid Prime Info

  • Game Title: Metroid Prime
  • Release Date: 18 Nov 2002
  • Category: Action, Adventure, Horror
  • Developed by: Un-known
  • Writers: Unknown
  • Ratings: 8.9
  • Language: English
  • Country: USA, Japan, Mexico
  • Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations
  • Cast: Jennifer Hale
  • Rated: RP (Rating Pending)
  • Votes: 915
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Download Metroid Prime Game for PC

Below is the Download Link for Metroid Prime Game.

Game Summary

Samus enters a mysterious derelict ship on the unexplored world of Tallon IV to investigate Space Pirate activities. She has thwarted their dastardly efforts before. She stopped them from amassing an army of Metroids and she kept Mother Brain from retrieving the last known Metroid larva. Now she must face the Space Pirates once again in an all-new adventure.

About Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime game have thrilling gameplay with exciting features. The game have won multiple awards, 2 wins & 3 nominations. The game is currently rated ‘RP’, it means that the rating is still pending and waiting for final approval.

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This awesome game is based on Action, Adventure, Horror. You can’t under-estimate the ratings because it have got 8.9 out of 10 ratings in Critics Reviews. The game have a total votes of 915 till now.

This game have languages starting from English. Players who live in USA, Japan, Mexico can easily afford this game.

In this game, Jennifer Hale have played their important role. The game was published on 18 Nov 2002, on various different platforms.

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